Are Young Leaders Scared of Joining Politics?

Once upon a time there was a young man described as super brave, a fierce warrior, a Lyre whisperer and Artist extraordinaire. His name was David who was anointed to become a king as a young boy and is the perfect example that leadership and politics is a calling.

He was actually minding his own business tending to sheep, fighting off bears and lions at a very young age when he got anointed. He is also described as glowing with health, had a fine appearance and handsome features. Come to think of it, he would actually make cover model in multiple platforms in today’s world but I digress.

Our political atmosphere can seem to be a disconcerting and scary atmosphere for leadership development. Why are young leaders shying away from pursuing their leadership purpose in politics/governance?


Honesty is among the most important leadership qualities in politics and unfortunately, politicians don’t always embody these trait.

If God has called you to be here, you can set yourself apart by being more forthcoming and transparent. Even though David had his shortcomings, he did uphold the law and led his people rightfully.


Self-awareness isn’t an acquired trait but has to be developed and worked on over time. Just like David, political leaders who practice self-awareness on an ongoing basis can be effective leaders by leveraging their talents and in resonating with their citizenry.

David was self-aware and knew how to occupy and seize opportunities as given by God. He knew when to volunteer to fight Goliath, when to lead in battle, build the city and temple, and make life bearable for his people.

That Thorn in the Flesh or is it sacrifice?

A great leader/politician knows that setbacks and frustrations are part of the process. David knew this too well. As a young man, he had to play the lyre for Saul when he was tormented by an evil spirit. Can you imagine soothing someone who tries to kill you in the process of you helping them and not once but twice? How he must have been playing that lyre and ducking at the same time! David understood endurance and sacrifice as tools of leadership development.

Work hard and Play Hard?

High energy is a prerequisite in politics where success requires dealing with a broad range of issues, with many kinds of personalities, over long periods of time. Success demands long hours, loads of energy, and the ability to pick yourself up after being vanquished and plow ahead.

David underwent insurmountable challenges but I mean, when God calls you a man after his own heart you must be the epitome of humility and success.

Servant Leadership

In a similar vein, a great leader is someone who MUST put others first, a great character trait for anyone to embody. Great political leaders must be constantly attuned to the people they represent and have a willingness to learn.

David faced many hurdles including a fierce war between his house and that of Saul when he was anointed king but he understood he was there to serve.

Didn’t Someone say Teamwork makes The Dreamwork?

Two heads are better than one and strategy in politics is King. Leaders need to ensure correspondence and team spirit is excellent. No split infinitives.

David surrounded himself with the right experienced people ranging from fierce warriors, priests and prophets, personal advisors, generals, etc.

Walking the Talk

Leading by example is a quality that goes in tandem with honesty. If politicians say that they’re going to do something, they must follow through. If they can’t, good leaders should explain why and take actions that may help to mitigate any consequences.

David accepted that he was accountable to God and to his people. He was humble enough to right the wrongs and know the buck stopped with him.

We should therefore have young visionaries take over political seats and sanitize where necessary. Their leadership styles should inform the people, they should be ready to be informed and to share their visions.

Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.” Jeremiah 29:7

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