Right it-For Persons Living with Disabilities

Changing the direction of the wind can be a daunting task but there’s always an option to change the sail and point it to your own direction instead, right?

Every time I walk in the buzzy streets of Nairobi, I’m reminded of the joys of life by the hundreds of people running up and down with the aim of earning their daily bread. Out of these people are the Persons Living with Disability, and trust me with all the buzziness that is the city of Nairobi, it is impossible to miss them.

Persons living with disability have occupied their spaces. They’re contributing to the economy through their businesses-hard. However, even with the convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ratified by 168 countries over time, there has been both progress and stubborn impediments.

There are many challenges, discrimination and non-inclusion when it comes to accessibility for Persons Living with Disability. Disability discrimination is treating others less well and putting them at a disadvantage for reasons relating to their disability.

We all MUST put a lot into consideration for our brothers and sisters:

  • Guarantee the right to quality education at all levels for people with disabilities.
  • Address the right of persons with disabilities to work in an open, inclusive and accessible environment.
  • Ensure people with disabilities have the right to the highest possible standard of health without discrimination.
  • Innovation: With the constant rise of innovative products hitting the market, I feel there needs to be inclusivity of people living with Disabilities.
  • Lastly, do not victimize people with disabilities or assume they see their disability as a tragedy. They do not. Never underestimate the abilities of someone with a disability.

Actually, most of them are out their fearlessly influencing their communities. If you check out some of the feature stories I have done on a couple of indomitable young fearless Africans living with disability, you’ll just be amazed. Check it out https://www.suewanjiru.co.ke/index.php/category/pwds/

  • It is bad manners to assume that everyone you meet needs you as their hero. Always ask if someone needs your assistance before providing it. Don’t try to accommodate every last need of someone with a disability in attempts to be respectful. The better choice is to simply and courteously ask.

Be in the know and check out all the situations and rights covered by the Equality Act in your country in regards to Persons Living with Disabilities.

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