Five African Countries to Invest In

Africa is high-yielding soil for investors to thrive because our continent offers opportunities in plenty. The continent is juicy and ripe for entrepreneurship and innovation. It has risen as a focal point for business development, production, and incubation. 

Are you looking for opportunity gold? Here’s top 5 African countries to invest in in no particular order.

1. Kenya

The East African giant is one of the world’s best performers in the areas of getting credit and starting a business according to the world bank. Kenya has a wide range of sectors with ready-to-be accessed investment opportunities, including but not limited to, Technological solutions, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Tourism, Infrastructure development and Financial Services.

 It is also a very beautiful country and will simply astonish and amaze you as you marvel at the diverse God given sites, local cuisine and the uniqueness of the Kenyan people.

2. Rwanda

One of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. Rwanda has a great advantage of ease of starting a business ridding itself of bureaucratic structures. It is also very clean with a citizenry that’s devoted to maintain cleanness and a natural green terrain.    

3. Ghana

I always say smooth to me is like Ghanaian shea butter. I am in love with their natural and organic products that have proven to be an opportunity gold in economic growth. With the government promoting a private sector-led strategy to revive the non-oil and non-agricultural sectors’ commodities including oil, gold and cocoa that have been the mainstay of Ghana’s rising $47 billion economy.

Ghana also has a very friendly citizenry. I must say these folk are great story tellers worth spending your time with.

4. South Africa (Mzansi)

Who talks about Africa without mentioning South Africa? Well, it is by far the most industrialized economy and one of the easiest countries to do business in Africa with its advanced all rounded structures.

Mzansi still remains a powerhouse clime for investors boasting of its rich culture and enterprise-friendly environment.

Something about the diverse beauty of this country and its people that makes me all happy inside. I mean, I even intend to learn a little bit of Xhosa, an unusual, yet pretty-sounding language.

5.    Côte d’Ivoire

It is the world’s largest exporter of cocoa beans and has made outstanding advancement in its business environment in recent years being one of the top 10 improvers globally in the Ease of Doing Business rankings.

This beauty of a country has the second largest port in West Africa, making it favorable to import and export commodities into and out of the country. I haven’t been yet but I’ve heard of her fascinating sites and beauty and I hope to partake soon.

Even though we did not cover the beauty of the continent as a whole, be sure to take a look at all the 54 African countries and be ready to have your breath taken away.

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