My uswahili culture is my power tool for getting things done. Wahida Haji.

I love Zanzibar. Whenever I talk about this amazing place, I get in to my holiday mood. The small and big islands, beaches, coconuts, palm trees and just like the Kenyan Coast, this place is very beautiful.

If you have met Tanzanians, you will be swept way by their beautiful and proper Swahili. Wahida was born and bred in Zanzibar. She owes her success to her father who saw her through school.

Tears began forming in her eyes as she thanked God because out of seven siblings, she is the only one who managed to join the university.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Law and Shariah from Zanzibar University. She however confesses it was not all rosy. There was no money to pay her college fees because her dad had retired and sponsorship was hard to come by.

She decided to postpone her studies and find a job to raise school fees but her father would hear none of it. He fought against all odds and ensured her fees were paid.

After college, she got a job at the Zanzibar law courts in 2015. She was enrolled as an advocate in February 2016. She is also an assistant project manager at Furaha Media and an entrepreneur.

I can’t forget to mention that after I met her, the following day I was gifted with a huge bag of spiced mabuyu that had a Zanzibari spiced touch. Delicious.

Wahida Haji is an alumna of Young African Leadership Initiative, YALI, 2016. She is extremely proud to have been selected to represent her country.

Africa to Wahida means Hakuna Matata and she urges young African leaders to overcome their fears and take up responsibility for their continent.

Nothing is impossible in this world.  If you fear fighting for our Africa, who will do it? Nothing will stop me from changing my country even though most societies do not believe that women have great ideas that will lead to change. My society teaches us to be very calm as women but this is also a powerful tool that we can use to drive change as women and as leaders.

Her dream is to build her entrepreneurship skills and continue expanding her businesses in her community which will engage the youth and offer employment.

She is very passionate about children and women’s rights and is currently enrolled as an activist of the same with different organizations.

Thank you for making Uswahilini proud Wahida. Continue making Africa great again.

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