Young and petite but don’t be fooled, I will kick butt for my Africa. Namakula Evah

Born and bred in Uganda, Evah Namakula is a very determined young woman. Throughout primary and secondary school, Evah exuded great leadership skills and was always appointed as the class monitor. She was part of the Catholic Association and a dancing club in High school which her mother did not approve of and saw as a waste of time.

She however held on and by the end of her studies, had gathered tens of awards and certificates.

I watched my mother struggle financially following my father’s death. She was a very determined woman who never slept but was always working to feed us, her children. There is some extreme strength that African mothers possess especially in times of adversity.

I remember the many times we took water as our only meal. Things were getting out of hand and the only way to survive was to move to the countryside. Life there wasn’t pretty but was easier compared to the city.

Evah decided to pursue a Lab/Nursing course at Nsambya Hospital. While there, she also joined an active arts club to continue with her creative and artistic hobby. She was employed as a permanent employee upon completion of her studies.

She later pursued her degree in Bio-Medical Lab Sciences. You know the thing about passion and the love for your gifts, they never go away.

While at campus, I formed a Latino dance group and on Fridays, students would join and have fun away from their studies. I saw the potential in the group and my friends and I decided to register it as an organization.

That was how Public Health Ambassadors Uganda (PHAU) was formed. The organization’s aim is taking community involvement, community participation and community empowerment as the key to healthy living and improved life styles.

We got huge grants in the first year including one from AWDF for World Aids day. We also staged the first ever flash mob in Uganda.

I hate being stagnant. It’s actually the worst place to be and I got to this point while in the organization. I then began looking for other opportunities.

In 2016, I qualified for the highly competitive Aids Alliance for Southern Africa and went through the TOT (Trainers of Training) program under human rights for people living with HIV and Aids, Tuberculosis and mental illnesses.

I won a fun award as best cultural person representing Uganda while there. I was also selected to go to Ghana and represent Uganda under sexual and reproductive health under the TOT program.

In 2016, I was selected as a YALI regional leadership Center participant under the public management track. The center was mind blowing, huge connections and networks with tens of people from over 15 countries.

I also got selected to go to the Netherlands under the UN women and teach the 7 habits of highly effective people to older women.

When I came back, I followed my instincts and quit PHAU which was hard because this was an organization that I was a part of since its formation. I moved to Kenya for an internship at the YALI Regional Center.

One thing I always tell the youth is to look around for opportunities and plug in. To walk through open doors, to think synergy. Please disrupt the status quo, ain’t nobody got time for mediocrity in Africa. [laughs]

I am still pursuing advocacy and implementation of SDGs in the medical field. I plan to build a day care center for old people in Uganda because most of them have been abandoned.

Evah enjoys soft music, socializing and a plate of matoke and biyebwa (groundnut sauce) when she is not working.

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