Meet Bernice Nderitu who enjoys empowering African children and youth.

There is something admirable about a well-poised, subtle and articulate woman. When I sat with Bernice Nderitu, she exuded humility and clearly stated her vision with such admirable assertiveness.

She was born in Kenya and lived in various parts of the country before moving and living in various countries like the U.S.A, Canada among others. It was a life she adjusted to as a young child because her dad, a high school teacher was posted to different places.

My parents are ordained ministers and they run their own church. We grew up exposed to different cultures yet were very grounded because of the values we were taught.

Her entrepreneurial spirit began at the tender age of 11 through her teenage hood where she would babysit for people and work at summer camps as a camp director. Through these jobs, she saved enough money that later paid part of her University fees.

She moved back to Kenya upon graduating from high school and admits the settling was very uncomfortable because of the culture shock. She joined Daystar University to pursue psychology and discovered a need in the society of lack of vision in children and teenagers.

Bernice also pursued her Masters in child development. She has worked as a consultant Psychologist and board member of Rafiki Africa Foundation, was the children’s ministry coordinator at Green House church, a counseling psychologist at Chiromo Lane medical center and a trauma response counselor with Red Cross.

Ever since I was I child, I had a clear vision of working with children and families. Everywhere I went, God continued affirming it. I am certified in Psychological First Aid, Skills for Psychological Recovery, Advanced Play therapy, and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

I am also a member of International Society of Traumatic Stress, Society for Research in Child Development, and an alumni of Young African Leaders Initiative. I have done consulting for Art and Abolition and International Justice Mission.

In 2011, she founded Nisela Group, a social enterprise (which means to nurture in Zulu) and whose mission is to seek to make the world a better place by investing in children and youth through capacity building in Africa.

I pursued my Doctorate in clinical psychology with a specialty in children and adolescents which allowed me to pursue and concentrate in preventative work.

Nisela Group is a social enterprise that exists for the appropriate, intentional and holistic nurturing of children and young people. We seek to provide technical expertise in the children’s sector and in mental health to partners in public, private, and informal sectors and civil society.

Nisela is passionate about strengthening families, enhancing optimal child development, and creating child friendly environments. Our services are project/program implementation, research and evaluations, advocacy, and capacity building.

We formed Crossways, a transitional and mentorship program offering soft skills in critical thinking, problem solving and creativity for young high school graduates.

Bernice got selected for the YALI Regional center program and was hugely inspired by the select young African leaders from various countries who are doing great things for their communities.

We must stop ethnocentrism and embrace each other as Africans. If you have a purpose, do it. Stop thinking about it.

In the next few years, Nicela Group aims to have scaled in East and Southern Africa working with governments and international organizations. Bernice looks forward to being in a highly influential position in terms of policy in either the AU or in Geneva in the next five years.

For fun, Bernice is very outdoorsy and sporty. I feel you girl. Who isn’t excited of adventure and tons of fun. Keep soaring.

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