My hands were made to fashion and that’s what they do. Keziah Elaine Ayikoru.

There is a power and attraction that a woman who is truly comfortable with her femininity has. When I met Keziah Elaine Ayikoru, I was deeply drawn to her subtle yet assertive tone, her good posture and confidence.

Keziah is the founder of House of Kea, a fashion brand that is taking Uganda by storm. The apparel is tailor made to each individual and varies depending on the client.

She loves using the African print in her collection because it commands attention, is vibrant, colorful and speaks about the African people. Keziah employs ladies from disadvantaged backgrounds and has changed their families for the better.

She is an alumna of the Cultural and Development East Africa Fashion Incubation program 2017 and the prestigious YALI Regional Center program, 2017.

I have always loved the arts since childhood. However, I took a detour to pursue my other love, Architecture at Ardhi University in Dar es Saalam, Tanzania where I graduated top of my class in 2013.

I was later called back to work in Tanzania. I worked in the corporate world for two years and was also designing clothes for family & friends on the side.

I loved architecture and my job but I was not satisfied. Something was missing. My contract ended early 2016. I decided to pursue my first love, fashion.

My lovely employer was not having it. They offered me an extension with a better contract. I’m talking good coins by the way. (laughs).

In as much as I loved my work and employer, I had made up my mind. My family and friends were beyond shocked. How do you leave a comfortable lifestyle to start a business in the unknown? Well, to me fashion had become my second name. It was calling out to me day and night. True story.

A model rocking one of her designs.

This well spoken and fearless lady has a vision of building House of Kea in to a household name and offer employment to hundreds of families. She also wants to mentor children gifted in the Arts to make the right career choices in collaboration with various organizations.

Know who you are. Have a high sense of purpose. Seek God. Seize opportunities. Work hard and your dreams will come true. Yes, you can.

If you happen to visit Uganda, connect with Keziah and enjoy some matoke and beef with G-nut sauce. I must say though Ugandans do know how to present a good sumptuous meal.

Keep soaring young lady. Make Africa great again.

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