I use Smart Farming to transform my community. Gervase Wakoli.

If you’re like me, and are kuku about kienyeji chicken, then this week we have the perfect guest for you.  Gervase Wakoli hails from Western Kenya and is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship.

He  is the founder of Engoho, a platform that was established to promote Smart Farming by use of modern farming practices to increase profitability and viability. They endeavor  to be the leading Kienyeji chicken farm in East Africa.

I was born and bred in Bungoma, Western Kenya and witnessed communism at its best. My dad being a politician, we always had over 400 visitors a day. My parents were always feeding the villagers. 

I noticed there was a high percentage of unemployment and idle youth, and I always dreamed of doing something about it.

Wakoli who pursued Electrical Engineering at the University of Nairobi has won several awards for his commendable work.  At the University of Iowa during the Mandela Washington Fellowship 2018, under the best social impact grant, he won $5,000 cash and $10,000 worth of professional services.

In September, he won the highest potential impact under ITU Telecom World Awards.  He also won the Agriculture category and the overall category under the Oracle, Connected Awards.

 Engoho platform  continues to grow beyond our expectations. Our vision is use technology in promoting and improving poultry farming in Kenya, and develop practical skills of small scale farmers, providing them with quality inputs and a guaranteed market for their products.

I mentor many young people in my day to day activities. One of the things I tell them is to venture into a business that they will still want to do in the next 10 years. I have learned that your approach to life can make or break you. Attitude is everything.

I also have another platform, zinake.com, which connects workers to running errands for individuals or companies.  We particularly work with reformed ex convicts.  We have a partnership with Kenya prisons  who help identify hardworking ex convicts.  

Kenya Airports Authority is one of our clients and I must say, reformed ex convicts are the most hard working, determined and passionate people I have ever met. We have connected over 1,000 people to jobs.

We are currently looking to partner with farmers for the platform. We have began with a pilot for commercial organic juice which has been very successful. We’d also like to partner with institutions to train the youth in matters farming.

Gervase adores a morning run with jogging being his number one hobby. He also loves a good plate of mboga kienyeji, ugali and some good company.  Keep it up Wakoli and keep soaring like the eagle you are. #MakingAfricaGreatAgain

From us at African Excellence, we would like to thank you for your continued support in celebrating young leaders. We wish you happy holidays full of love.


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