Visual impairment has not stopped me from my purpose. M’akwalu John Kubai.

They say having a good sense of humor and a great approach to life is beautiful and John Kubai serves this every single time.

He was born sight-impaired in Meru County in 1986, a time when there was little information on persons living with disabilities. He joined school in 1993 after missionaries came looking to enroll any children living with disabilities in schools.

I am a teacher, a motivational speaker and a disability rights advocate. I became a motivational speaker to demystify the myths, misconceptions and ignorance around the visually impaired.

I have written numerous petitions to parliament on what needs to be amended in the Disability Act.

I have represented my fellow teachers by writing to the Teachers Service Commission and the Teachers Performance and Appraisal Development in regard to  special stationery,  special sunscreen for teachers with albinism, inclusion of braille, and sign language in the school syllabus.

John is a graduate teacher from Mosoriot college. He pursued his degree in B.Ed (Arts) History and Kiswahili from University of Nairobi.

This resolute young leader has huge impact in his community advocating for parents to enroll children living with disabilities in schools.

His advocacy role in facilitating the rules for nomination for members at YALA ensured consideration of independent candidates since 2017.

He has engaged Kenya National Union of Teachers to have grass root representative of persons living with disabilities and got a positive response.

While in campus, he petitioned the university of Nairobi senate to abolish discriminatory questions in exams that put persons with disabilities at a disadvantage and they were abolished.

I have always held leadership positions in school.  I am the current secretary general at Disability Empowering Education Development, [DEEDI]  where I have been chairman since 2015.

I always encourage the youth to listen to everyone. Never judge anyone based on their history or background.

  • To say we’re not faced with challenges would be a big fat lie. I always advocate for society to: Listen to persons with disability and explore ways of helping them.
  • People to understand that disability is not a curse. If you read Leviticus  and other Bible chapters, you’ll understand God’s love for persons living with disabilities.

    Impaired people have a lot to offer to society if given a chance. I want disabilities representing themselves through special electro-units in future.

    Embrace and protect us from malicious people like terrorists, Cartels that run begging in the streets and others who believe we have powers that can be used for witchcraft practices.

During his free time, John enjoys French music, reading and writing. His favorite food is pilau, ugali and mukende ( For non-Kenyans, pardon me but translating this would require a different blog on its own)

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