I might be petite but I kick hard for mother Africa. Francisca Mukuka Chanda

This week we feature a young, brave woman from Zambia, a country in southern Africa. I believe that significant things are as a result of only small things done with extraordinary love which Francisca Mukuka Chanda is doing for her community.


When I met her, I was impressed by her honesty. She speaks her mind openly and lets out her truth, a trait that I so much loved.

Francisca, a professional social worker and an early childhood teacher runs Kuks day care and primary school. The school targets children under eight years old.

I have seven years of experience in my sector. I am glad I pursued Social Work and Social Development at Mulungushi University.

I opened my center because I wanted to address unstable child care, admit orphans, vulnerable children and children living with HIV.

I remember it all began when my daughter swallowed an earring at school and no one bothered to tell me. The bad sanitation and poor services in her former school was nothing to smile about. 

The mind of a child is like a blank page. We paint good morals, knowledge and teach them leadership skills.

This bold leader has a vision of contributing to Zambia’s development, to offer free education for orphans and children living with HIV and provide employment to youth who work with children.

Our impact has been growing each year since we began three years ago. We have also contributed to women empowerment programs.

We are involved in sanitation lobbying projects in partnership with the Water Sanitation Project and the Clean Environment on Health  Project in my town.


In the next 10 years, our plan is to expand into a bigger structure with at least 2,000 children.

Francisca’s experience as a Mandela Washington Fellow 2018 has been a great one.  She learnt to grow respect for cultural diversity and improve on her leadership development plan.  Her advice for young African leaders is to have a vision and to focus on it.

This lady loves reading, movies and eating Nshima (Pardon me but on this delicacy you’ll have to do a little research on your own lest I sabotage my future relations with Zambians) with beef stew and beans.

We wish you the very best as you teach the young ones to spread their wings and fly Miss Chanda..


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