In the marathon of life, every woman must wear her crown with pride. Asanji Queen.

Do you find yourself oohing and aahing when you meet a smart woman? Well, I do. Oprah did say, “Think like a Queen. A Queen is not afraid to fail.”  Beauty, brains and some street smart describe the fearless woman we feature today.

Just like her name, Asanji Queen possesses all this and more. With a Masters degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, the Miss curvy Cameroon, 2013 title in her bag, this indomitable woman holds her own and holds it tight.

I met Queen in June in the USA where we were both fellows for the Mandela Washington Fellowship. I quickly noticed she speaks less and listens more, a trait that my mentor keeps talking about. Yes girl, keep observing more, listening more and watching less, doing more..

I am the founder of Happy Mother Happy Child, an NGO in Douala, Cameroon whose main objective is to fight maternal and infant mortality, and empowering women.

With a challenge of lack of access to hospitals and finances, We provide products for pre and post pregnant women at affordable rates. Through agents in towns, we offer home delivery services, business skills and financial training.

They have directly reached over 1,000 women. She is currently working on a day care center business model to allow the trained women to focus on their businesses.

Queen’s vision is to work towards being a great policy maker for women and children issues. She intends to expand her business to other countries as well.

When we did this interview Queen was wearing one of her favorite T-shirt that has this awesome catchy writings on it, “I didn’t ask to be a QUEEN, but Hey if the Crown fits, I wear it majestically.” Talk about wearing your crown, proudly.

Her advice to the African youth is to be determined and passionate, to have a positive mental attitude and to always make someone smile. I feel you on this one Miss Queen.

Mandela Washington Fellowship has been a huge blessing for me. I loved the volunteering and giving back culture of most organizations in the US. I am more than ready to keep investing in our women and the next emerging crop of leaders. I also learned on the importance of humility and simplicity.

When this unbeatable Queen is not doing the serious stuff, she’s enjoying her sweet yams, dancing even though she says she can’t or playing with children.

We are very proud of you Queen. Keep soaring and taking Cameroon and mother Africa to the next level.


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