Stop talking and DO it now. Irene Mureithi

One of the gifts I believe I have is being a good judge of character. Now, please hear me out before we get spiritual or take a detour from the conversation at hand. You will agree with me that there is nothing as satisfying as meeting a person who seems genuinely nice and then having them prove it to you with time.

This  happened to me when I met Irene. She is one of those reserved, well poised magnet people puller who pull you with ease in to their circle and offer you a plate layered with intelligence, humility, fun and loads of firm principles. She is almost like the proverbs 31 woman.


Irene was born in central Kenya. One of her hardest and most trying times was when she lost her mother who fought an illness bravely in 2008 and who was also one of her biggest cheer leaders. She credits her success to her mum and dad who have constantly provided for their family and pushed them to aim for the stars.

Irene who is still in her 20’s has a BSc. in Environmental Science from University Of The West Of England, Bristol. A course in Geo Information Systems and Remote sensing from University of Twente, Netherlands, a Masters Degree in Geo-information Sciences with specialization in Natural Hazards and Disaster Management still in the Netherlands under the NFP scholarship.


And in case I did not mention her humility, please throw it in here somewhere. She insists she would rather be known for helping the youth in Kenya than for her credentials. This decision of wanting to give back was confirmed when she came back home from abroad and she could not land a job even after sending countless applications.

She has worked at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya located approximately 100 kilometres from the Kenya-Somalia boarder for over one and a half years. She witnessed firsthand families in hopeless situations due to the dire living conditions.

She however chose to see Dadaab as a beautiful flower blossoming within a desert because she believes you can make your dreams come to pass going by the opportunities that lie there in.


All you need is the determination and drive and when you look at your situation more than the potential you can create within a situation, you will never progress in life. 

Irene found out about the YALI program from a dear friend and says she will forever be grateful because the program has shifted her mentality. She looks forward to nurturing the amazing networks she is creating.

She is working to become even better at helping the youth even through her work place, a private consultancy firm that mainly deals with Urban Planning and Surveying where she works full time as a remote Sensing and GIS analyst.

Irene also aspires to be the next Secretary General of the United Nations.


Her advice to young African youth is

  • You do not need much to be happy, it’s in the little things that most people tend to overlook. Never underestimate the person that’s next to you.
  • Actions speak louder than words.
  • One day you will wake up and there won’t be extra time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. Stop talking and do it now.

Irene believes that there also needs to be a balance of the body, mind and soul.  She insists family, friends and a dish of chapati and chicken with traditional vegetables does it for her anytime.


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