In my marathon of life, empowering children is everything. Jennifer Kaberi

If you love children like me then you will relate with the excitement we get when we meet like minds. I had a sit down with Jennifer Kaberi, a brave young leader who eats, drinks and talks passionately about matters children.

Jennifer who has a Masters in Child Development and a  Diploma Social work, BA, is an inventive shrewd thinker with  strong problem solving ability.

She also has this contagious positive attitude that just rubs on you. Those who have interacted with her will understand what I mean.

She is an experienced child development specialist and an international development work professional with great passion for children .

Her vision is to transmute Africa’s story through empowerment using a comprehensive child development approach to programming, that is evidence based and Afrocentric.

She believes this will result in a positive outcome in Africa, that touches not only on socioeconomic development but also humanity.

This fearless lady has a successful record of accomplishments covering community and international projects.

Mtoto news is my passion project. It is a new media house that increases children visibility on social, political and economic matters. This is achieved through social media, a YouTube channel and through documentaries.

We work with various organizations on advocacy, education and wellness of children.

We have had huge impact through Mtoto news. The community and organizations continuously contact us on matters to do with children. Several policies have also been developed. 

Mtoto News has become a leading company in use of digital technology to improve the lives of children and currently supporting a number of regional organization in use of digital technology to effect change.

Being selected for YALI RLC was a huge achievement for me. I always encourage young leaders to act now. Forget tomorrow. Your tomorrow is determined by what you do today.

Jennifer’s specialty skills on Child Development includes: Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), Child protection, Child advocacy, Psycho social support, Early Childhood Development, Child Health, Childhood HIV and AIDS, Management of Children projects, Right Based Approach (Children Rights), Social protection and development, Policy development, Research on children issues and financing for children.

She is currently supporting the ACERWC CSO Forum on communication and advocacy. This fearless lady is also an Ambassador of the Global Social Workforce Alliance.

Jennifer loves running. I wonder if there’s some Kalenjin blood somewhere in her. She’s also a part of the worship team in her church and loves animations.

I love playing with my children. It is always good to connect with that child that is in all of us. 

I agree. Does dancing in the rain count as a childish habit. I can’t seem to shake off this habit.

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