Empowering young Africans, Count me in. Farhan Yusuf

Farhan Yusuf is one of those charismatic and intelligent men you’d easily enjoy spending time with.


His enthusiasm rubs on you and makes you want to wake up a little bit and probably even march the streets screaming your lungs out on how we must be actively involved in influencing our communities with ‘Yes We Can’ placards.

We only sat down for less than thirty minutes and I thoroughly enjoyed his hunger to impact his community.

He studied his BA in pharmacy at Muhumbili university in Tanzania and interned at Muhimbili National hospital after his graduation.


 I got employed at John Snow Inc under USAID- SCMS (Supply Chain Management System) and Deliver projects between 2013-2016 and I loved it. 

I was born and bred in Tanzania. As a child, I was very different, extremely curious and a science enthusiast.  I knew I would end up in the medical or science industry. I love geeky stuff. Geeks change the world, you know. [laughter]

Last year I joined ABT Associates NGO  as a governance specialist under a USAID project, Global Health Supply Chain.


Through mentoring and volunteering with various organizations, this fearless leader saw a need in the community of empowering the youth.

I started Nje venture to push the youth to venture out of their comfort zones. We do this through sharing opportunities, information on innovation, climate change, sustainable development etc.

We do it through social media and  events in collaboration with various organizations and NGOs. We have reached hundreds of youth.

As a certified mental health first aid guide, he also started Fikra Afya, a project that creates awareness and gives information on mental health,  a taboo topic in most communities in Africa.


I agree, most people still believe that people with mental disorders are bewitched. This is sad.

I am very fascinated by my other project, BRB (Bring Reading Back) which targets people in urban areas.

Most people in urban areas do not read, most libraries are empty. If we must take this continent to the next level, we must read and be aware of our surroundings.

Farhan is an alumnus of Brightest young minds 2015 and YALI RLC 2016, high profile programs that he confesses improved his leadership skills and made him love Africa even more.


Young African leaders should seek information and believe in themselves. Find solutions for issues in your community. Do not forget to share your stories, it empowers others.

His vision is to empower thousands of young Africans through his organization and become a great ambassador for Africa.

We celebrate you Farhan. Keep soaring and impacting thousands of lives.








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