My script reads animals and food and it has changed my community. Sombo Titan.

The effects of war are widespread and can most likely be long term or short term. Women and children suffer unspeakable atrocities in particular. This is what happened in Central Africa Republic in 2012.


Sombo Titan could not watch and wait. He founded C.E.N.A (Centrafrique Avenir) whose main objective is to create employment and empower the community through various sustainable forms of businesses in agriculture.

Through C.E.N.A, the villagers are encouraged to invest animals like chicken, goats, cows and even pigs. You heard it right, pigs. They then have a 100% animal back guarantee after six months upon reproduction..


The villagers who invest get full education sponsorship for their children. The youth are employed to oversee the projects.

The organization also partners with  villages who offer them a parcel of land for cultivation of agricultural produce like cassava, potatoes and tomatoes.

The produce is then sold in different towns with the income directed at training of the youth in their areas of interest.


Currently, they have an alumni of accountants, merchants, entrepreneurs among others.

The impact has been huge with tens of youth from the villages running all the projects.

Sombo is set to defend his PHD in governance and regional integration this year at the Pan African University of Governance, Humanity and Social Sciences.

I used to walk seven kilometers to go to school.  Many of my friends quit because of the harsh conditions.

I vowed to pursue higher studies, develop myself and come back to my community and give back.


I am currently building a private school in my village. I have learned to always test out my ideas. Try it, it might surprise you.

I love the networks I have made over the years.  I was selected for the YALI RLC EA entrepreneurship class last year. It was an immersion into a wealth of information on running successful social businesses.  I love applying for programs that help me grow.


Keep soaring Sombo and changing lives. We can’t wait to visit again and enjoy a plate of ugali, meat and sakasaka (cassava leaves in palm oil).


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