I polish the gold in African children. Habteselassie Birhanu Tilahun.

Habteselassie Birhanu Tilahun adores children and so do I. He has invested his time and resources in projects that involve children.


His lower education was faced with many challenges. His primary school was overcrowded with over 60 children assigned to one teacher. His mother who was the bread winner passed away when he was 16.

He pursued his degree in education at Adama University in Ethiopia. Upon graduation, he got a job as a lecturer at the same university and at Infornet college In Addis. He taught management and marketing courses for five years. He also lectured on part time basis at Unity University.

He later joined the NGO world at Compassion International to pursue his passion of working with children under the Child development Sponsorship Program as a social worker. He was assigned to his home town, East Gossam.


Through the program, they were able to reach 2,000 parents, 500 social workers and 1,000 children.

In 2016, he joined the Holistic Child development program at Evangelical Theological College in Addis. The program offers child development projects, nurturing of talents and education courses.

After completing his Master’s degree, Birhanu joined the 50 courses for kids. He is involved in culture, child development for parents and guardians, child friendly teaching methodologies directed at trainers and the concept of holistic child development directly applied in teaching social workers.




I am satisfied and fulfilled having impacted hundreds of children. I love it when we offer social, emotional and life skills to these emerging crop of young leaders.

This young leader was recently selected as a fellow for the YALI Regional center. He admits that the young African leaders he met exceeded his expectations.



I have developed a program for children using the seven habits of effective people, a course taught at YALI. We tested it immediately I got home after the program.

It was very successful. 90 children aged between 11-14 years went through the program in three phases under three weeks.


The children responded very well. Most of them discovered their leadership skills. I am currently working on a consistent monthly program.

Birhanu encourages young African leaders to not forget children when they are transforming the community.

If you know your vision and gifts then you are already successful.


In the next ten years this fearless young African leader is looking to complete an ongoing project of starting up an East African child development seminary. The program will include research, culture, life skills training and child development courses.

Culture is the second creator of humanity. We must equip our children because think about it, these are our leaders in the next ten to thirty years.



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