Building my first windmill at age 10 gave me courage to develop my other products, 21 year old Liston Cosmas.

When Sukant Ratnakar said that you should not get obsolete like an old technology but keep innovating yourself, he must have thought of Liston Cosmas.

The 21 year old innovator grew up in a village in Arusha, Tanzania. His love for technology was evident from an early age.

After finishing my sponsored primary school education, I developed a windmill. This was because I had identified a huge need of lack of electricity in my village growing up. I approached various partners and one person who bought in to my vision funded the idea.

Liston pursued his high school education in South Africa. He had always wanted to develop his own mobile phone and when the nationwide Science Congress competition was announced, he developed a mobile phone that got the attention of professors and organizations.

I was still perfecting my windmill idea while in High School because I believe one of my purpose is to improve lives in my village.

Between 2012 and 2013 while in High school, I developed an electronic powered generator that is powered by cow dung and runs on hydrogen gas. I won first position nationwide in the Science fair.

There was demand for the product. I sold three to the members of public. It was surreal. 

Liston got a scholarship to join the African Leadership Academy in 2014 to study entrepreneurship. He is also a YALI RLC E.A 2017 alumnus.

Together with a friend, they  founded an NGO, Cicle of Influence Projects Society in 2015. The organization trains entrepreneurship skills to High School students. They have had tens of students go through the program.

The multi talented young man identified a need for tractors for farmers in his village who mostly use their hands because of lack of resources.

He took it upon himself to build an affordable tractor from scratch that is fueled on cow dung. His prototype got feedback from farmers and he is currently working on its improvements.

I still get orders for windmills and generators so I spend almost all my time in the garage.  I’m set to join University of Rochester in the U.S soon to pursue Electrical and Computer Engineering.

His vision is to create an African tech brand that offers affordable products and solutions to pressing issues in the electricity and agriculture industries.

Young people should believe in themselves. Every time people look at me and my age, they doubt me until they see my products.

The brain is rich and extremely wealthy, we should intend to tap in to it more often. Go for it, explore your brain and don’t stop, it will surprise you and the world at what you can create.

Keep soaring Liston, you have taken your own bold approach, and you will continue to be rewarded with success.

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