I pledge to be a part of African growth as a young leader, Willheim Owen Okoko.

This week we are in the Republic of Congo, the land of diamonds, mountain gorillas and great food. Let’s get to know a Young African Leader from this country who is also a great entrepreneur, Wilheim Okoko.

I grew up in Pointe-Noire . I studied Electronics at the University. I am an ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) holder who works in new technologies, civil aviation, oil and gas industries.

As you may know, agriculture, industry, and services dominate our country’s economy. The most important products are lumber, plywood, sugar, cocoa, coffee, diamonds and especially oil.

I therefore decided to not be left behind and work on my entrepreneurship gift. I am currently working on an agribusiness project and I hope to explore other areas very soon.

I also love talking to people albeit they say I look very reserved, blame it on my family’s physical traits. [laughs].

I committed at a young age to serve my community and my country. I therefore ensure I use every opportunity to develop myself.

I yearn to influence as many young lives as possible and to have created hundreds if not thousands of jobs within and without my country in the next ten years.

Owen voluteers as the County representative of Peace Revolution, was the Ihav foundation ambasador in 2017 and has been selected as the Congo delegate of the African Youth Amani Fellowship 2018 in Thailand

I am very grateful to President Obama for starting this great initiative, YALI. I have made such huge connections. I see this as an opportunity and an easy access to build, connect and invest in other African countries.


Africa is youthful, ambitious and full of life. I therefore would like to urge all young Africans to think big, think internationally, think Africa and do not be limited to small dreams. If your dreams don’t scare you, you need to rethink them.

 His  favorite food, saka-saka (cassava leaves pounded with palm oil and peanut butter) served with salt fish is a delicacy you can’t afford to miss when you visit Congo.

Keep it up young African leader.


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