Everyone has a crown, wear yours and sit at the table. Israel Bimpe.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet  Israel Bimpe from Rwanda because I love the name Israel so much and, um, I also believe there’s power in a name.  Israel means that God prevails, to be strong and to have authority over.

I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo because my Family (grandparents) had settled here from Rwanda around 1959 – 1962.

I grew up in a very strict Christian family as a very shy yet extremely curious boy. 

At about the age of five, we moved back to Rwanda. My love for reading started  as I explored comics and cartoons.

I read the Bible from cover to cover several times and was chosen to lead Bible classes at school.


In high school, he began writing as a journal Servir reviewing poetry, essays, albums and books.

When he joined his upper level secondary school, he majored in Bio chemistry and mathematics. He was in various leadership positions like the head boy for two years in row.

He initiated an annual initiative of collecting basic items for hundreds of poor people in hospitals. This initiative grew bigger than he had imagined and his school adopted it.


During his gap year, Israel by the help of his uncle bought a photocopy machine with the aim of raising pocket money which grew in to engaging bright students in the community.

The proceeds from this initiative would help support parliament and embassy visits and connect widely with like-minded young people.

The initiative grew beyond his expectations and was registered officially as The Global Institute for Youth.

He joined The university of Rwanda to study computer science and pharmacy. He is the brain behind MEDInspire an initiative of the medicine students that involves organizing public lectures, training on public speaking, research methodologies, social media and debates.


He also formed My campus Hashout Program and contributed to the launch of Youth Connekt, a Government initiative which connects the youth in Rwanda and engages them in problem-solving discussions.

As president of the Rwanda Pharmaceutical Students’ Association in 2014, I raised 20,000 pounds for a sexual and reproductive health project, organized anti-diabetes campaigns and Tuberculosis awareness campaigns in prisons.

I was also appointed Chairperson of the African Regional Office and Vice President (Netherlands) in 2015.

I spearheaded the Beautiful Beyond Color campaign during my tenure.

The Beautiful Beyond Colour Campaign focused on skin bleaching in the African Continent.

He is a renowned social media guru in Rwanda, a member of Global shapers community.  He emceed in the World Economic Forum, Visa Free Africa held in Kigali early this year.


I emceed in the Community Conversations of the World Economic Forum  focused on Africa and later shared the stage as a panelist with  Dlamini Zuma, Chaiperson of African Union and Minister Louise Mushikiwabo, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In the discussion on mobility on the continent I called for a visa free Africa. This was a huge deal for my speaking engagements and I loved it!

The Rwandan youth under the Kigali Global Shapers hub, an arm of the Global Shapers community later started a campaign to remove visa requirements for Africans traveling to other African countries.

They also have massive support from the Rwandan President Paul Kagame who is engaging other African leaders on the same matter.

He is actively involved in the Youth Literacy Organization to equip young writers by giving them platforms to showcase their talents through various forms of media.

Being selected for YALI was out of this World. There was especially this class with Mr. David Kamau on Africa and our potential as young African leaders that completely shifted my paradigms and changed my life.

This encouragement, pushed me to ran and get selected for office as the president of the International pharmaceutical Student Federation, our headquarters are at the Hague, we have 350,000 students from over 90 countries around the world.


As young African leaders, We must equip ourselves with skills and knowledge and look at global interactions for better and faster growth.

Israel’s vision is to occupy a corner office at the World Health Organization. He  loves listening to podcasts, burgers made anyhow, basketball and swimming.

Israel wears his name like a crown and empowers others. Do you?



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