You are never to old to learn and change lives. Abdourazak Taher Ali.

When I met Abdourazak Taher Ali, I was impressed by his confidence and  commanding voice. He hails from the beautiful country of Djibouti.

But then I got a shocker when he confessed that he learned English later in his adult life.

I did not receive any formal education as a child. I grew up in a troubling setting after my parents had separated.

This however did not stop me from dreaming. To cut a very long story short, I later joined University of Djibouti where I specified on the English subject and graduated in 2010. I went on to teach the language in private schools.

Taher together with his three friends started Zoom College, an English school based in Djibouti.

Their impact has grown from 20 to 1,100 students. His passion is driven by living in a community where English is not spoken, and yet it is the language that comes to our aid in many personal and commercial transactions throughout the globe.

English is a means not only for international engagements; it has become increasingly essential for commerce and communication.

It should however not replace our local languages and culture.

I always advice the youth to believe in themselves and seek the massive opportunities available in this continent.

I am constantly looking for opportunities for growth. When I got selected as a YALI RLC participant, I was elated.

I can say my perspectives about Africa and leadership changed for the better.

This brave young leader is looking to move to the U.S.A in the near future to further his studies in the English subject and apply the lessons back in Djibouti.

I loved his favorite food, khubus, a Djibouti traditional meal majorly comprising of bananas and dates.

Keep soaring Taher and Impacting many lives.

Children content by Sue Wanjiru

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