Children are giggles with glitter on them. I am called to guard this. Basila Bwakila.

Stacia Tauscher once said that we worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.

There’s huge satisfaction that comes with working with children. I admire young leaders like the beautiful Basila Bwakila from Tanzania who has many reasons to work with children.

Her primary reason includes helping to shape the children’s formative years by being a positive role model for them.

She currently partners with Wochivi, an organization that addresses alcohol and drug addiction in children.

We have stabilized  many children psychologically and helped them cope socially.

We have also connected tens of youth to job opportunities. My heart softens every time we build toilets for young girls in informal sectors.

Basila was affected by the separation of her parents when she was seven. Her mother was jobless at the time and at an age where self awareness was kicking in, she could not help but notice how different her skin was.

My mum always encouraged me.  She insisted that I needed to be confident and fight my battles.

My higher studies were in Uganda where I focused on literature.  I pursued International Relations at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus and at the Atlantic International University in the U.S where I finished early this year.

This young fearless leader has also pursued various online courses  like project management, Tourism management, English among others.

She is a YALI RLC alumna with a vision of running an NGO that aims at empowering children and youth.

I have learned to start with the end in mind. To focus on transforming others and on impact.

The world is constantly changing and young graduates like me must intend to change with it.

The youth should pursue their dreams no matter the circumstances.

It was such an absolute pleasure engaging with this young, beautiful and well spoken, well poised lady.

She is constantly looking for partners in her scope of work. Feel free to reach out.

Keep soaring Basila!


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