I intend to frustrate and chase away poverty from my community . Alex Mbise.

Triumphant stories have away of transforming people. Struggles create opportunities for us to gain strength and to become wiser and better.

Alex Mbise has a powerful story of overcoming obstacles. I mean, this young leader enrolled for primary school by himself at nine years making him the oldest in his class.

He lacked the necessary basic items like shoes, uniform, school fees and writing materials but that did not stop him.

He had a drive that was stronger than his age and the voice of his encouraging mother who has always been his greatest cheerleader.

He confesses that everyday as he walked bare feet and hungry to school, he prayed to God and declared poverty his number one enemy.

He graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Education at Tumain University under a government sponsorship.

I ran small businesses mainly selling plastics bags and boiled eggs in open air markets twice every week.

I saved the money and used it to invest in the rearing of chicken and goats. This was how I paid for my Primary and secondary school education.

I was also able to buy uniform and books. Skipping school to look for money wasn’t fun, but it got me to where I am today.

Alex is the founder of Tanzania Small Entrepreneurs Network (TASEN), an organization that empowers the community through promoting social entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

This helps in solving the unemployment problem and fights against poverty in Tanzania.

The organisation has directly empowered over 1,000 young people through various forms of training.

Africa is the land of opportunities. Young people should not give up. They should find solutions for the problems affecting their communities.

I recently graduated from YALI RLC E.A . I am just from the U.S after participating at the Mandela Washington Fellowship. It was a transforming leadership experience.

I am also grateful that I have just been selected to serve as ROI Africa Global Youth Ambassador to Tanzania starting 2017 to 2020.

This lionhearted young leader has a passion for politics and has been politically active in his community in Arusha.

His vision is to  mentor thousands of youth. He also has a clear plan of running for office as a Member of parliament in 2025.

As a young husband and father, he owes his balance of work and family to his very supportive wife who is also passionate about civic leadership.

We wish you the very best Alex, keep soaring.

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