Aim at your purpose and you had better not miss. Anthony Ochan.

Every single week, my heart swells with happiness when I engage with young African leaders who are fearlessly making their countries better.

So many beautiful stories to tell and away from the danger of the single story of poverty that has been told of Africa for a long long time.

Anthony Ochan from South Sudan is the current executive director of the African Youth Chapter in South Sudan.

Their vision is to work with youth and children from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them understand their rights, get access to education and create self employment.

In partnership with the British council, they have mentored tens of youth who are now running sustainable businesses in  bee keeping, soap and oil, and handicrafts businesses.

Oak foundation funded our partnership with the Cinematography for human rights, we trained four South Sudanese in making documentaries. They are currently working on their debut films with a focus  on human rights.

Our story telling and sports activities involve young people in conflict areas. We have directly reached 250 youth through our programs.

Anthony who was born in 1988 had a rough childhood. After his dad was accused of being a rebel, his family sought refuge in Uganda.

School in the rural areas was rough with lack of essential learning tools in addition to walking long kilometers. His father had also passed on.

He worked odd jobs at the age of fourteen and never gave up his dream of joining High school and the university.

Favor was on his side because he got a scholarship that secured his education. He joined the University of Khartoum and pursued Journalism. He was widely known for his involvement in peace activism.

Anthony is currently pursuing his Masters in Journalism and Communication and is an alumnus of YALI RLC 2017.

Ochan has worked at South Sudan Safe Society Organization, The National Intellectual Forum, The South Sudan parliament, and with local and international organizations.

Never give up. Like the author of the Alchemist says, realize your personal legend. You will make it through consistency.

Avoid violence and the current political mindset of personal benefit. It will never be easy, but it’s possible. My vision is to become a professor at the University and to scale our empowerment forum.

This brave leader and avid reader loves to play and watch football and to watch satirical shows when he has some free time.

Keep soaring Anthony and changing lives.




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