Take charge of your body, it’s the only home you have to live in. Catherine Naluggya.

When I met Catherine Naluggya Guntesse, I was impressed by her assertive nature. 

There’s something about a firm yet subtle, confident yet humble woman. You can sit for hours on end just listening to her. I did. 


She grew up in a middle income family In Uganda. Her childhood dream was to become a surgeon.

She later pursued her Bachelors in Public Health at the International Health Sciences University in Uganda. She is a YALI RLC alumna.

She is the project officer at Public Health Ambassadors in Uganda, PHAU. A non-profit youth-led organization comprising of young people from different academic backgrounds who are passionate about key sexual and reproductive health issues.

They empower the youth through training and social entrepreneurship.

Their most successful event so far was the celebration of World Aids day in 2014. They offered training on HIV prevention and counselling services. They reached over 18,000 people.

The group has also reached tens of youth through Tuli Wamu Nawe [we are together] , a project focused on anti-stigmatization of HIV/AIDS for girls and women and a business skills immersion program.

Close to my heart is Ensoga [The issue] , a project aimed at breaking the silence on menstruation. It’s a taboo to talk about menstruation in most communities in Uganda.

The project involves educating students and teachers about menstruation. We offer re-usable pads and cups to girls and women. In partnership with Afri pads, we have donated re-usable pads to 250 girls.

We have also donated water tanks to schools and homes.  We have directly reached over one thousand students in five schools.

Some of their other campaigns like Kisooboka [It’s possible] were in partnership with AHF-Uganda Care to target girls aged 10-24 years in prevention of HIV and adherence to treatment.

We recently partnered with PACE to sensitize and encourage women to use contraceptives.

Our vision at PHAU is to scale up to various parts of Uganda and to other African countries.  

My personal vision is to have a family soon and head the Ministry of Health in Uganda in the near future. 

This fearless woman has a fun side too, she loves  bungee jumping, water rafting, music, reading and adores conversation.





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