Constantly seek knowledge, it’s your currency to power. Mustafe Jambiir.

You know where you are going by knowing where you came from.

If you know me personally, you probably know that I am the biggest advocate of research and archiving of historical happenings.

After all, engaging in an interesting topic should go beyond personal experience.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Mustafe Jambiir, an avid reader who hails from Somaliland.

He co-founded Delta, an organization involved in Monitoring & Evaluation and research in his country.

We focus on market research for the people of Somaliland and provide support for humanitarian aid organizations.

It is an interesting process of training the youth, government staff and working with FEMS, the UN and Non-Governmental Organizations.

This passion project started when I was working as a humanitarian worker.

I discovered how hard it was for International Aid Organizations to access harsh areas and help people in need.

Mustafe was raised in Hargeisa. Has a degree in Business Administration from Hargeisa University and is a YALI RLC 2017 alumnus.

I have seen it all my friend. I was a child during the war in Somaliland.

I have worked in harsh conditions in Mogadishu and seen my friends die or get serious injuries from attacks.

It’s not pretty. I am an advocate for peace and mostly for data collection.

This helps reach people in need, aids business and ensures history is not ignorantly erased.

Information is a means to understand various issues and a way to support truths.

Mustafe’s call to the youth is to build on their people and leadership skills.

To ensure that more and more of them are involved in research in different aspects. To share their findings with their communities.

His vision is to expand Delta in other regions of East Africa.

To help solve challenges in education, health and in documenting raw data about the private sector.