Dare to be a force of nature, leave a legacy. Milton Oboka.

It goes without say that every person should intend to work towards protecting our planet and conserve its natural resources.

Without doing this, we deny every living thing an improved quality life. I met with the fearless Milton Oboka who is passionate about environmental conservation.

Together with his friends, they founded One Vision Kenya in Migori County, Kenya.

The objective of the organization is to  promote environmental education and awareness through a project dubbed, Greening the mind.

Greening The Mind, promotes sustainable environmental practices through education in schools and communities to enhance the participation of school going children and youth in environmental restoration.

Milton holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Kenyatta University. He is also an alumnus of YALI RLC 2017.

Life is very interesting. I grew up in a polygamous family. Life was okay until my dad lost his job at a mining factory.

It became a struggle. I dropped out of high school in my second year.  I did odd jobs for four years.

When his excellency the former president Mwai Kibaki declared free secondary education, a friend encouraged me to go back to school. I hesitated.

I mean you would too after four hopeless years. I then gave in and went back to school. It was a struggle trying to catch up. A different struggle though that was filled with hope.

Through One Vision Kenya, Milton and his five partners have formed environmental clubs in tens of schools, planted 14,200 trees and recruited 900 environmental ambassadors.

They have trained and Sensitized 200 young people on organic agriculture and renewable energy technologies.

Offered mentor ship and support for 150 School Girls  From Artisan Gold Mining Areas  through provision of stationery and sanitary Pads (Pad Drive).

They also partnered with The National Environment Management Authority(Nema) in organizing World Day to Combat desertification National celebration 2016 among other achievements.

Our vision is to grow and expand the organization to other parts of Kenya and reach thousands of people. This is my purpose.

To mentor young ones and encourage them to dream big and kick butt when working on disrupting the status quo.

“Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!” ― Chief Seattle.


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