In the politics of women empowerment, I always choose the winning vote. Khadija Sheikh.

There’s nothing like interacting with a virtuous, assertive woman who also has some serious street smart.

This was my first impression of Khadija Sheikh from Somaliland.

She is the founder of Hoyoonimo {motherhood}, an online platform that provides baby products.

She is also the head of Quality Assurance at Dahabshil bank International.

She holds a degree in Accounting from Amoud University in Somalia and a Masters in Business Administration which she pursued at Malaysia University. She is also a YALI RLC 2017 alumna.

The best selling product at Hoyoonimo is a baby box that provides mothers with everything they need to take care of their children.

We started the business in December last year and we have reached thousands of women.

We are working on integrating an sms system in our platform to reach women living in rural Somaliland.

Our constant followers are about 2,000. Our vision is to reach 7 Million women in the next five years.

At the bank, Khadija’s main focus is financial inclusion for women. She is the brain behind Dahabo banking for women.

This initiative creates awareness for use of mobile banking with the target being mostly uneducated women working in informal sectors.

The initiative has a wide range of services including offering the women access to safety boxes.

We also accept their gold as collateral for loans. We create an equal opportunity for internships and jobs for both women and men.

Khadija also runs Somali Women Leadership Network, a mentorship platform for young and successful women.

I always advice the youth to look within for strength. When I am not doing what I love, I love spending quality time with my family.



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